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See what one of our younger members has to say about this family oriented hobby.Here's a sample article from "The Antique Outboarder" - the club's very own publication.

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In addition to garnering all the good stuff available to members on the site, the Club has much more to offer.

Check out the About the Club and Benefits of Membership pages on the menu here and take the time to join, you won't regret it.

Whether we like it or not, someday most of us will need to buy an outboard engine.

Perhaps it’s for that great boat that we bought cheap but that didn’t come with a motor, or perhaps it’s when our existing outboard’s lacklustre performance, the difficulty in getting parts, or a major breakdown signals it’s time for the scrapyard.

To help you decide if AOMC is right for you, here is a schedule of some of our upcoming events. Boating participants of the Western New York Chapter-AOMCI Antique/Classic Outboard Motor/Boat display will be eligible for trophies in the following categories: Best Outboard Motor, Best Wooden Boat, & Best Non-Wooden Boat in addition the door prizes.

We sincerely hope you can find an event close to home. If you decide to attend one of the meets, please drop the contact person a line to let them know you are coming and also so that they may let you know of any last minute changes. The 1st 10 Outboard Motor/Boat Entires will receive a Goodie Bag and a Dash Plaque.

The older brother called the younger out on the bandstand…and Tommy stormed of to start his own big band. Yes many years later the brother reunited and had a really fine swing orchestra.

Tommy directed mostly, older brother Jimmy was featured. But since they did reunite…they found out you can “Never Say Never”!

[Click Here] We have a number of "Members Only" projects planned that for those of you who are not members, unfortunately will not be able to access.

There is a simple and obvious solution to this dilemma; join the club!

They’d roll around in the dirt along the highway until it was resolved!!

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