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This sort of answer confuses me, because, ultimately, it seems, just about any question could be answered by pouring over the API and trying out various things.One of the reasons ..all, i want logout from one if i click browser back button,it bring me back to the jsp page...i do not want that..(i want like gmail.i.e, once you logout the page,then using browser back button you can not go back) please anyone give me the idea.. My problem is that when user closes the window directly(without logout), How to count active sessions.instead of redirecting to the "login.html" page because the session is still NOT null.

invalidating the session in jsp-53

and according to sun this method is depreciated for security reason.

so kindly is there any alternative way we have many thing like remote ip address, Session Listner, Context Listner etc. The best method to invalidate session or not allowing a user to have more than one session, is to create the context scoped map and store the session id and all the relevant info of user into the map.

Whenever the user creates the new session just check whether the user is present in the context map or not.i Have do like this Http Session session = Session(); Servlet Context context = Servlet Context(); Hash Map active Users = (Hash Map)Attribute("active Users"); active Users.put(Id(), session); Attribute("active Users", active Users); in session Created method of session Listner in i successsfully get the list of active user's name and there session id but when i do like that Http Session Context context=Session()Session Context(); Servlet Context sc=Session()Servlet Context(); Hash Map active Users = (Hash Map)Attribute("active Users"); Http Session session=Session(); if(active Users.contains Key(this.session ID)==true) it will not allow and through excapetion org.apache.jasper.

Jasper Exception so here is tricky one how solve here . Others have helped you make progress on how to do this, but I want to ask what you are trying to do, really, and why you think this is a good idea? How about two or more windows in a Firefox or Chrome browser?

Firstly if you are using the J2EE Authentication service you cannot calla the login page directly but you execute the logaout ina separate page then you redirect the user to Home page.

Then, the container check the user and if not authenticated it redirects to login page.

We will discuss Cookie in detail in one of the upcoming chapters .

Cookie object can be created using a name value pair.

I have read a lot of posts about this, but none of the solutions have worked for me.

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